Media Relations

Based on first hand national and local media news experience, Pedene Public Relations understands the 24/7 news cycle and the importance of what makes news.

Paula Pedene and Associates understands the 24/7 news cycle and the importance of what makes news.

As a broadcast journalist with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, Paula Pedene was able to learn all facets of print, radio and TV news.  After leaving the Navy she was hired by Cox Broadcasting, PBS and the U.S. Information Agency in Washington, D.C. to cover issues ranging from the rebuilding of the space shuttle program after the Challenger accident, to the Iran Contra Affair, to special programs for Veterans for hometown news. This knowledge helps devise public relations strategy that ties into overall public relations management campaigns to bring you the best public relations services.

Paula Pedene created the TV Show called “To Your Health” which highlighted medical experts and what they could offer to provide better care for our nation’s veterans and the community at large. This show earned several national communications awards, including a Telly, and several Gold Screen Awards, Media and Communications Association awards and PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) awards as well.

This knowledge provides our clients with targeted public relations strategy and media relations to generate positive news. Our relationships with members of the media are strong. We also provide media training to maximize the impact of public exposure.

Here are some samples of past work that’s publicly available:
To Your Health —