Strategic Public Relations Counsel

We offer a research based analysis of your organization, we conduct listening forums, provide media analysis, and communications reviews to help determine best strategies for you.

At Paula Pedene & Associates our strength is strategic public relations counsel.  We understand the practice of public relations  and we work through that practice refining and honing it over time to a level of mastery in our profession. When crafting our research based, strategic plans we use various methodologies to determine the needs of our clients, discover their communication styles and then we create goals, objectives, strategies and tactics that align to enhance the organization.

Strategies include:

  • Building your plan by determining critical, need-to-have elements, deciphering the level of “buy-in” from other parts of your organization, focusing your plan on outcomes rather than outputs, providing effective evaluation linked to quality behavioral goals and then creating actionable tactics that link back to your organization’s mission, vision, values, goals, objectives and strategies.
  • Our advice and counsel is measured and appropriate for the varying circumstances of departments, divisions and overall organizations to enhance and build stakeholder relations both internally and externally.
  • We also offer communications audits to help determine what’s working, and ways to enhance, improve and integrate those methods across all platforms. Our audits include copy editing, offering new copy suggestions and proofreading of products.

You can see past samples of an award-winning Reputation Management campaign, managed by Paula, which is publicly available here— Silver Anvil Award Reputation Management.