Pedene Public Relations is a leader in innovation, strategic public relations, public affairs, reputation management, community relations, media relations, non-profit leadership, branding, and much more.

“Thank you for being such an HONEST, spunky & selfless PR professional. It was truly an honor to bask in your light.”
– Britnee Nuehring

“What a treat for #PRSSALR attendees to hear from Paula Pedene, a pillar of ethics and morality in public relations.”
– Kelly Davis

“Creating a culture of excellence takes time. It means creating values people can relate to & sharing & embracing them.”
– Kelly Davis citing Paula Pedene’s speech from PRSA Leadership Rally

“First keynote of the day at Leadership Rally here in Scottsdale, Arizona with @PaulaPedene #PRSSALR”
– Drexel PRSSA

“The death of newspapers was the death of in-depth coverage. A true loss for our profession and for our generation.”
– Aubree Hughes shares from Paula Pedene’s PRSA Leadership Rally speech

“Best answer I received in a long time. Paula Pedene makes the fire in my heart even brighter.”
– Tony Whitney